And here… we… go…

And here I thought starting a blog would be easy. Who would have guessed there’s so much behind-the-scenes crap you have to go through in order to just post something? I shouldn’t say crap. I’m sure everything has a purpose and once learned it’ll probably be useful but for now it’s crap.

Where to start?

I guess those who actually know me will find it quite strange (and very hypocritical) that I’ve even started a blog in the first place considering my years of bashing anything and everything blog related.  Let me start off by saying that my disdain for blogs and blogging in general has nothing to do with medium itself. My hatred and intolerance is directed towards the thousands of pretentious wannabe literary scholars out there who swear that what they write is God’s gift to humanity. True, the good bloggers outnumber the assmunches but like with anything you only need a handful of rotten apples to spoil the bunch.

Why join the ranks of the blogging world?

Well I can tell you it has nothing to do with popularity or recognition. I know a lot of people blog because they need that unmitigated sense of approval from those who don’t know them. I don’t like people in general so what another person says or doesn’t say about me is really makes no difference to me. I guess I’ve entered the blogging realm to have an venting source from my overflowing brain. It was actually my wife who said I should start one of these up because I constantly bombard her with the weirdest and most entertaining concepts imaginable. She figured why not share your views with the world.

Personally I think she’s just tired of hearing my ramblings but that’s another story all together

There’s nothing safe, conventional, religiously conscious , politically correct or morally justifiable about anything I think about. I’m a walking talking South Park episode so if you’re easily offended then reading what I have to say might not be the best thing for you. But then again, Howard Stern’s “greatest fans” were those who hated him the most so if that’s your cup of tea, feel free to sip away.

I’m not here for anyone’s amusement. I post where I want to post.  If I choose to post multiple times during the course of a day or just once every couple of weeks so be it. I guess in the end all I can say is just sit back and enjoy the ride.  My mind’s not the safest park in the land. ;p


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