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I’m sorry that people are so jealous of me… but I can’t help it that I’m so popular.

I’ve been biting my tongue about this for a while but it’s time to say something. A lot of you have thought about it. Many of you gripe in secret about it but refuse to publicly call anyone out. While I don’t feel this is a matter to be called out, per say, I do feel it should be commented on.

WTF with the Freshly Pressed?


I web & graphic design. That roughly translates to 8 – 10 hours a day of being in front of a monitor staring at line upon line of code, coloring pixel by pixel or sifting through thousands of fonts. You would probably think that reading blogs would be the last thing I’d want to do, but oddly enough I like the escape from my mundane work. Unfortunately there’s been a trend as of late where the much loved Freshly Pressed feature has been a showcase of undeserving blog entries.

That’s right. I said it. Undeserving.

Some will immediately crucify and vilify me for being jealous or whatever. If that helps you get through the day label me whatever you want. The fact of the matter is that whoever makes the selections has been choosing “what’s popular topics” as of late rather than interesting content. Don’t get me wrong. There have been some stellar choices the past couple of weeks.  Sir Emeth Mimetes’ post about Internet Disagreements was killer. Blackgirlinmaine’s post about the misuse and bastardization of the term “ghetto” was an insightful read as well. I always enjoy the photo and recipe blogs as well. For the most part there have been more brilliant posts than not.

But then we have some seriously questionable content.

A post about a Burger King pizza that was little a more than a couple sentences, a picture and a link to an article about why it’s not good for you. Really? That’s deserving or being Freshly Pressed? Or how about a picture of Tony Curtis on the the day he died with a few lines about how the author met him. Or how about one of my personal favorites, a “I loved The Social Network” yawn fest. I can understand if it was an actual detailed review but sadly it wasn’t even remotely close to that.  Deserving or popularity contest based on recent events? I would link to them but I’m not even going to dignify those posts by doing so. Anyone who’s a regular around Freshly Pressed knows exactly what I’m talking about. I thought WordPress was for creative writing not facebook-like status updates of what people like and don’t like.

To the powers that be I beg of you, please show some more clarity in the choices you make. I could care less about being Pressed. I don’t write to be recognized. Those who like what I write find me one way or another. However those of us that rely on Freshly Pressed as our quick escape from the rut of every day life, show some better judgment and cease listing abject selections. I suppose in some eyes it may seem disrespectful for a person who’s only been around here for a couple of months to bitch but I would hope that you would view it as constructive criticism and make strides towards making the experience better for everyone. This site rocks but the schoolyard popularity contest has to go. Show some diversity. WordPress claims to be about showcasing the world yet on some occasions the same authors get pressed numerous times while thousands of other brilliant minds go untapped. It’s to the point now where if a current event pops up you’re guaranteed to have a undeserving Press riding the coattails of it.

C’mon WordPress. Stop being lazy.