Geek Zone Exclusive – True Blood & Pumpkins

I decided to ring my favorite holiday in early with a gift for geeks around the world. Yes True Blood fans, I present you with the vampire Bill Compton … PUMPKIN CARVING STENCIL. It’s free to download, print and use (barring any likeness issues Mr. Moyer may have to which extent I’d hope he’d be flattered with the representation and that HBO would appreciate the free publicity during their off-season).

It’s a thoroughly untested design (although it should work out fine) therefore I welcome any and all who end up carving a pumpkin with this stencil to send me pictures of the finished product at info [at] zenassassins [dot] com. I’ll proudly display them in my Mental Wasteland.

Enjoy my little freaky geeks. Who knows. maybe I’ll crank out a few more cast members before the big day.



Freshly Rendered: The Maasai Slayer

“The elephant does not get tired of its tusks” ~ old Maasai proverb

Freshly Sketched: The Maasai Slayer

Yup. Still posting sketches about zombies and zombie slayers. I decided to take a tour the world in search of zombie slayers. My first stop was Africa.  Immediately I thought of a Maasai warrior. Somehow I think they’d fare quite well in an undead apocalypse. He may be the first one I render.

Hell if you can deal with the wildlife of the African plains I don’t think a few thousand dopey deadheads would be much of an issue…

Freshly Sketched: The Gladiator of the Undead Arena

In keeping with my zombie theme I decided to explore the concept a bit further. I thought about the role zombies would have or could have played in ancient times. The image that immediately flashed in my head was this… a gladiator in the arena.

How sick would that have been? A single gladiator in an enclosed area with a horde of zombies. Talk about satisfying the blood lust of the ravenous crowd. I think I’ll definitely be putting some more detail into this one in the near future just to complete the vision…