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I never had any friends later on like the ones I had when I was twelve. Jesus, does anyone?

Everybody on here has something to say about Facebook whether it’s positive or derogatory. It’s been a bone of contention with me ever since my wife lured me onto it a few years ago. I am a very isolated person. I’m not this way because I’m a socially devoid uber-nerd with no way of expressing myself. Believe it or not I choose to not have many friends. Friend is a term people use far to loosely these days. It takes quite a resume for me to consider a person a friend. My guideline is typically a simple one. Anyone can be a fair-weather friend when things are going well. If you’ve been with me through the bad times you’re either bad luck or a good friend. People think that if you’ve had a single conversation with an individual that you’re instantaneously considered a friend.

I was making the usual “social media” rounds the other day when I made my usual stop on Facebook. The geniuses behind the scenes there feel that because I listed Thomas A. Edison Technical and Vocational High School Class of ’93 as my high school that I should be “friends” with everyone and anyone who graduated that year. Seriously? Are you kidding me? Let’s be real here. I was no angel in high school nor was I the most popular. Check that, I was sorta popular but with people other than the popular people.

Does that make sense?

For four years I rolled with a clique of people that I considered friends. For privacy’s sake I won’t name names but more than likely if you come sauntering over to this post from Facebook you know who you are. In high school you vow to be friends forever because for many, at that point in time, high school life is your life. Unfortunately life determines your friends and I unfortunately lost contact with many, if not all, of the chaps I used to hang out with on a daily basis. This is where I sing the praises of Facebook (for at least a sentence or two). The last couple of years has allowed me to reunite with a bunch of the old guys. It’s cool to see how they’ve aged and developed as individuals. While things can never be as they once were I thank Facebook for being the tool that made finding them possible. That’s all Facebook is. A tool. Status updates, witty comments, shared links and picture posts don’t make people friends.

I sat there and went over the 80 something people I have on my list. The majority are family. While there are a handfulA small portion are clients. The few that remain are what I do or have considered friends at some point in life. Friends – real friends – will always find you at some point in your life one way or another. Technology these days just makes it easier to track them down now. We managed to keep in touch with our buddies somehow prior to the Internet so why should you be tethered to it now?

To my massive graduating class at good ole Thomas Edison, if I hung out with you then then you’re probably on my list. If we didn’t then why in the hell would I want to have you as a “friend” now? Because we share a commonality in the place we graduated? I give Facebook credit for allowing you to group your associates now. Next time you’re there see how many people you can actually put into a legitimate friends group. You might be shocked at the result.

Thank you and have a pleasant tomorrow!

One must forego the self to obtain total spiritual creaminess…

At long last I bring you the final chapter of the Rolf trilogy

Rolf had been making fewer and and fewer appearances as the weather progressively got colder and colder. With our move to Nunavut official now we once again began to doubt whether we’d be able to bring him in to the shelter. One night I was struck with a brilliant idea. I figured we’d go out and get him a collar and attach a note to it. The theory was that if he did have an owner they’d see it and remove it and see the note. I knew Rolf got around a bit so I had to make sure it could last through the rigors of day-to-day Rolf life…

I put tape on both sides of the note to give it a little bit of protection from the elements and wrapped it around the collar. Sure enough a couple of days later Rolf showed up and we fitted him with it and he vanished again into the night after eating his meal. The plan was in motion.

Rolf made guest appearances the following couple of weeks. Each time he’d show up we’d check to see if he still had his collar and if anyone may have removed the note. No luck. Finally this week we came to the decision that we’d invested as much time and effort as possible trying to find out if he had an owner and made a vow that we’d take him down to the Humane Society the next time we saw him. It’d been at least 2 maybe 3 weeks since we put the collar on him so we extended well past the reasonable doubt period.

He ambushed us last night on the way in from grocery shopping. Still no luck with the note so I fed him and told him to stop by tomorrow and we’d take care of him. I went out early today and put his food out as usual. I shook the dish and made sure I made enough noise to draw his attention.

Rolf was a no show.

He ditched me. I was a little disappointed that he didn’t heed my words and conceded to the fact he’d be MIA again for another week or two. So it was business as usual once again. Suzanne and I went out in the afternoon to price some arctic gear and take  care of some errands. Didn’t take too long but we arrived back home only to be greeted by none other than the cat, the myth, the legend known as Rolf! It was later in the day – in other words warmer – so it’s no surprise he was out and about looking for a meal. Suzanne and I looked at each other and said “let’s go”.

We had considered putting him in a carrier but he’s such a lovable guy we kinda knew he’d have no problem in the car. He dug it actually. In fact he handled being cage-free a lot better than our two babies. Yeah he voiced his concern a couple of times but for the most part he was either hanging out on my lap of checking out the sights from every window. It was a short trip to the Kitchener Humane Society so while Suzanne went in to check if there was room and handle the paper work, I hung out in the car and took some parting shots of him…

In the end I feel like we did a good thing for him. It was getting rather cold (like 5c and below the past couple of nights) and he did appear to have some relatively fresh war wounds on one of his ears. I’m sure he had fleas and more than likely had worms. The Humane society will get him checked out and take care of his injuries and aliments before they put him up for adoption. He’s not rabid and I seriously doubt he has any terminal transmutable diseases so he’s in the best hands possible. It’s recommended that if you have a missing pet you go down to the Humane Society or animal shelter first to see if they have been brought in so we did our best for the little guy. He has a roof over his head now and will get the medical treatment he needs finally (and hopefully a nice bath to make him all fluffy and soft). With those eyes and that loving demeanor he’ll get adopted in no time. He’s highly personable.

A part of me is sad that he’s gone now. I’m going to miss his little purrs, the way he’d show unconditional affection and play as though he didn’t have a care in the world. I’ve been questioning myself constantly since we brought him in but deep down inside I know it was for the best. I closed the door to the cat house in a symbolic gesture (but more to prevent any other would be strays from gracing our presence in the coming weeks). It’s sad that I’m far more proactive with taking care of animals than even people. I guess that stems from how genuine animals tend to be. They don’t fake emotions or try to deceive you. What you see is what you get. If only humans could be the same way…

Cheers Rolf! May the Force be with you.

I would like, if I may, to take you on a strange journey.

In honor of our upcoming anniversary on the 31st I thought it’d be fun to share some of the quirky posters Suzanne and I cooked up last year for decorations. Yes yes we went as far as to have fake boards on the windows, a giant first aid box  and various artifacts you may find in a post apocalyptic bunker. It was a blast to pull off. Maybe someday Suzanne will enlighten the blogging world as to what exactly happened with some pictures and posts but for now this will have to suffice. Feel free to print away if any catch your eye. They rock on different colored paper and at various sizes.

Be sure to pop over to the Mental Wasteland if you’re interested in more graphics related content. It doesn’t notify when I update it so you’re just gonna have to keep checking back every now and then. 😉

Look to my coming on the first light of the fifth day, at dawn look to the east.

So it was a day like any other. The  first day of the long Octoberfest/Thanksgiving weekend up here in Canada. The wife and I were planning to head over to her aunt’s house for some good ole’ grilled sausages, sauerkraut and corn on the cob. No Suzanne doesn’t suddenly turn into a carnivore for Thanksgiving. AC found her some fake Bavarian sausages so it’s all good – for her at least. We were once again going to abuse our invitation to do laundry at her place so I loaded up a basket of unmentionables and proceeded to carry the bin out to the car. I open up the back door and stood on the top step for a moment. The day was glorious. The sun was beating down on my brow but it wasn’t hot. The was a cool breeze gently rolling in – enough to make you feel quite comfortable in just a sweatshirt. A perfect fall day by any standard.

Just then I heard it. Faint at first, but increasing in volume as it approached rapidly…


To my shock and delight, Rolf SonFriend had returned in all his Rolfy glory!

He looked alright. Quite chipper and energetic. He even looked a bit beefier than when I had last seem him. I gave him a big bowl of food and some fresh water anyway and we hung out for a half hour or so. He was love-rolling and headbutting the whole time. Unfortunately the wife and I had to head off to her Aunt’s. I expected never to see Rolf again but at least this time I got to hang out with him this time before we left.

Just yesterday when we were heading out once again. We opened the door to the familiar tune of a “Roooooowwwwlf” surprisingly. He busted into our back room and greeted us as though he owned the place. Once again I laid food out for him and he happily devoured it.

His unlikely return brings forth the dilemma of whether or not we should bring him in to the Humane Society before the weather gets too nasty. We had originally planned to do it by the end of the month so it still kind of falls within the schedule still. On the other hand he doesn’t look the worst for wear after a 2 week period of somewhat cold and dreary weather. Could he possibly have had a home all this time and merely comes out when it’s semi-decent outside or did he simply find a place to stay for a bit and made his way back here? Either way the wife and I have a decision to make soon because it’s looking more and more like we won’t be around in the neighborhood to take care of him much longer. 😉

Rolf 1
Eating up a storm…
Rolf 2
The Rolf roll up…
Rolf 3
One of a kind I tell ya…