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Freshly Rendered: The Maasai Slayer

“The elephant does not get tired of its tusks” ~ old Maasai proverb

Freshly Sketched: The Maasai Slayer

Yup. Still posting sketches about zombies and zombie slayers. I decided to take a tour the world in search of zombie slayers. My first stop was Africa.  Immediately I thought of a Maasai warrior. Somehow I think they’d fare quite well in an undead apocalypse. He may be the first one I render.

Hell if you can deal with the wildlife of the African plains I don’t think a few thousand dopey deadheads would be much of an issue…

Freshly Sketched: The Gladiator of the Undead Arena

In keeping with my zombie theme I decided to explore the concept a bit further. I thought about the role zombies would have or could have played in ancient times. The image that immediately flashed in my head was this… a gladiator in the arena.

How sick would that have been? A single gladiator in an enclosed area with a horde of zombies. Talk about satisfying the blood lust of the ravenous crowd. I think I’ll definitely be putting some more detail into this one in the near future just to complete the vision…

Freshly Sketched: Untitled Female Zombie Slayer

So I actually don’t have much to write about. Big surprise there. I did get inspired to draw something though. A new buddy of mine has reignited my fire about all things zombie once again so I actually felt the urge to put something down on paper.

I’ll more than likely drag this piece into Photoshop and work my wonders on it but I figured it’d be nice to give you a little preview beforehand.