The Mental Wasteland

There’s one big downside being a graphic illustrator and web designer. No… wait there are many downsides to it come to think of it. What I should say is one of the bigger drawbacks to doing creative work for other people is the fact that I don’t do anything just for me. I remember many years ago when I was just a young lad I’d draw and sketch all the time. Ever since getting in the web design and identity solution business a dozen years ago I can count the amount of times I’ve created something just for fun on one hand with three fingers cut off. My most recent stint of selflessness has to be about 4 or 5 years now. Sometimes I start personal works that get finished and others that remain in a state of limbo. If I deem it worthy enough to share it’ll go into the Mental Wasteland.

Date Added: 6/6/11
A before and after comparison of the new header on the blog. All of it was created from scratch…

Date Added: 10/15/10
I was bored so I decided to add some Halloween fun….

My ugly mug before zombification...

...aaaand after... bRaIns BrAiNs BRAINS

Date Added: 10/14/10
I’ve been fooling around with 3D Studio Max for a couple weeks now. It’s a sorted affair. Suzanne isn’t too fond of it but I still keep going back. I’m not a 3D guy. I’ve never trained in the field so my knowledge is extremely limited. That hasn’t stopped me from learning though. I’ve toyed with some simple things before but I’ve decided to try and tackle an actual big challenge in my spare time – box modeling an actual character. Sounds simple but it’s a helluva learning process. I’m learning as I go through the use of books and video tutorials so I’m rapidly wrapping my head around the concepts of 3d modeling. So I’ll probably post the project in it’s different stages as I get through them. Below is the very beginning. I know he kinda looks like something out of Silent Hill(as my wife so eloquently put it). Have faith. He’ll turn into something eventually.

The creepy Gumby-like beginning...

Date Added: 10/15/10

The head being constructed separately...

Ready to attach to the body...

The body is a bit more refined sans the hands and uhm... you know...

Now I just gotta give this dude some pants and hands...

Date Added: 10/7/10
So today I said to hell with it. I carved some time for myself by jumping ahead on a project and decided to put pen to paper for the first time in a long time. It was awkward. I seem to have Arthritis in places I didn’t before but I trudged through the minor pain and cooked something up. I recently had the pleasure of seeing a wonderful little Halloween movie called Trick ‘r Treat. It’s a funky quartet of interwoven horror stories with a definite flare for the campy. It’s a fun movie if you’re into over-the-top gory type flicks. There was one character that stood out to me and ended up being the inspiration for this drawing. It’s rare when I show a start-to-finish piece of digi-art but I figured what the heck. Some people find it interesting.

The beginning sketch

It all starts with a pencil sketch...


Cleaned up, inked and a bit of detail

Colored Final

Textured, colored and shaded.

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